Founded in 1905, National Checking Company evolved its original GuestCheck™ from a notepad into a true multi-use tool that improved service and enhanced sales and profits. Since then, NCCO’s assortment of quality products and offerings has grown immensely and is available nationwide through leading foodservice distributors.

Using Guest Checks for Delivery & Take-Out Orders

Restaurants and foodservice businesses have pivoted to takeout, delivery and grab-and-go orders to stay operational – but many have never offered this before, or if they did, it was in a limited capacity. This causes additional challenges to overcome as these orders are crucial to keeping foodservice businesses alive during closures.

A helpful tool that many restaurants already have in stock, or can easily locate, is the GuestCheck™. While known as a popular server tool for in-house dining, Guest Checks can also be extremely helpful to stay organized with takeout and delivery. With prompts to record customer name, phone number, date, order number and more, these pads will help make delivery and takeout easier for your operation.