About Us

Premium appetizers and exceptional service tailored to our customers’ needs.


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Riverside Foods is a third generation family-operated food manufacturing business established in 1961. We take personal pride in everything we do, from developing first-class appetizers and seafood to providing extraordinary customer service.
Proudly operating in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, specializing in a variety of value added (battered and breaded) appetizers and fish/seafood items.
For over 50 years our mission has been to efficiently manufacture and market the highest quality products that are leaders in customer satisfaction. Riverside Foods is always looking to improve and to exceed our customers’ expectations.

You’ve got patrons to please…

…and they’re all at the same table.
One wants fried mushrooms. One wants onion rings. One wants cheese curds. Each one wants it hot and wants it fast. Now you can give it to them AND keep your profits cooking. Super Samplers combine the delicious variety customers want with the consistent portion, uniform fry time and the space-saving packaging you need.
Specificially designed with profit generation in mind, Super Samplers are pre-portioned combos. So they’re easy to store and easy to use. It’s simple: Take the order. Open the bag. Dump the entire contents into the fryer. Then serve it up. Customers are happy. You’re happy. And you’ve accomplished that with one bag, one order and one fry time.
With Super Samplers, you:
– Know your food cost
– Serve the same portion size
– Save valuable fryer space
– Maintain consistent fry times
– Save valuable freezer space
– Get cooking on making profits